Russia&#039s Syria strikes &#039indiscriminate&#039

Syria conflict: US says Russian air strikes ‘indiscriminate’

  • 1 October 2015
  • From the section Middle East
Aftermath of an airstrike in Talbiseh, Syria. 30 Sept 2015Image copyright AP
Image caption Russian targets have been mentioned to have integrated Talbiseh, near Homs

The White Property says Russian air strikes against

E.P.A. to Unveil New Limit for Smog-Causing Emissions

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled a key new regulation on smog-causing emissions that spew from smokestacks and tailpipes, drastically tightening the present Bush-era standards but falling short of far more stringent regulations that public wellness advocates and …

Afghan forces &#039regain Kunduz control&#039

Taliban Kunduz attack: Afghan forces ‘regain city’

  • 1 October 2015
  • From the section Asia
Afghan special forces preparing to launch a counter-offensive to regain control of Kunduz (30 Sept 2015)Image copyright EPA
Image caption Afghan soldiers have been browsing buildings in Kunduz

Afghan officials say they have regained control of important regions of the northern

Saudis clarify Hajj stampede toll

Hajj stampede: Saudi officials clarify toll after questions

  • 29 September 2015
  • From the section Middle East
Rescue workers carry the bodies of Muslim pilgrims after a stampede at Mina, outside the holy Muslim city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia 24 September 2015Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The stampede was the deadliest incident at the Hajj for 25 years

Saudi officials have denied reports that far